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Wicker can be patched and mended.  A refinish makes an old set look new.
Some chairs must be taken apart before rushing, put back together, plugged and stained to match
Sometimes a seat requires stain to match a set with aged (dark) cane.  Matches are rarely "perfect", but this shows a typical match.
Antique chairs usually require a little TLC in the form of glue and clamping to stabilize the joints.  This one needed more than most.
Common repairs are split seat rails (above, not yet repaired) and replaced seat rails or stretchers.  The top side rail  has been replaced by drilling through the back stile (below).
This chair's stretcher was chewed nearly through.  Fabricating a new stretcher and a little refinishing made it good as new.
Fabricating peces to replace broken chair parts is not usually a problem. These two odd shapes were made by hand in my shop. Both were subsequently stained to match.